Cable Beach Muwarrt

Join our cultural tour guides for some relaxing storytelling and an informal conversation in a culturally safe environment.

This unique experience includes:

Authentic stories and lessons shared by a local Aboriginal person.

An introduction to the local Aboriginal culture, country and history.

An explanation of Bugarrigarra, creation beings, our spirit beliefs and dreaming.

An explanation of our "Connection to Country", and our traditional lifestyle that is guided by our ancient knowledge of the local seasons.

A song performance demonstration using our traditional instruments, the kullie.

Revealing of the Cable Beach Dinosaur Track location (tide dependant, visible on tides below 3.0m) 


The Mabu Buru Social Enterprise!
By joining us on any of our experiences you can take comfort in knowing that 50% of our profits is donated to the Mabu Buru Foundation Ltd , which is then contributed into the preservation of Aboriginal Lore and Culture in the West Kimberley region.
The Mabu Buru Foundation Ltd is a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee that is established as a Charitable Gift Recipient to help us to address the challenges that pose real threats to the existance of traditional Lore and Culture and it's practices in the West Kimberley Region!