Journey By The Jilas

A journey through
an ecologically and
culturally special

Jila is the Yawuru word for freshwater springs. The influx of this freshwater into Roebuck Bay enriches the mudflats for migratory birds and marine species like dugongs and turtles as well as the resident snubfin dolphins, all of which rely on the health of the bay..

The fertile Roebuck Plains and surrounding areas are the source of an abundance of traditional food, hunted for hundreds and thousands of years. There are jalangadi (goanna), barrgara (bush turkey), mirdimarlu (red kangaroo), barrjarniny (wallaby) and plenty of birds, snakes, fish and other species. The plains are also a reliable source of bush honey, seeds, fruit, grubs and flowers.

Journey by the Jilas begins with the Bugarrigarra, a Dreaming place and time when everything we know was created, through the traditional lives of the region’s first people, their knowledge and connection to this country. Explore recent history of Roebuck Plains station, early settlement, the pearling industry and how it irrevocably changed the lives and homelands of the Yawuru.