My name is Johani, I’m a proud Yawuru, Karrajarri, Nyul Nyul , Bardi man, born and raised in Broome.

Besides leading tours for Mabu Buru Tours, I’m also a Crocodile Wrangler and Tour Guide at the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park.

Prior to the development of Mabu Buru Tours, I was a Yawuru Country Manager Coordinator. The Yawuru Country Managers are an Indigenous ranger group tasked with conducting a variety of on-country work, including flora and fauna surveying, monitoring, and research in both land and sea.

I encourage everyone to experience our spiritual and physical connection to our lands and to spread understanding of Aboriginal culture.

I am proud to share my knowledge of Broome and its surrounding landscape with visitors, showing you the landscape and telling stories of the ancient, continuing connection that my people share with this land.

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