The only Traditional Aboriginal Dance experience in Broome...

Wakaj, meaning "The coming together of family" is a very unique Indigenous experience provided by Mabu Buru Tours and Yatangal.

After a warm welcome and a general introduction from our Cultural and Wildlife Tour Guide Johani Mamid you will be greeted by Mervyn Mulardy who will then lead the Pintirri Dancers into a corroboree performance which is traditionally known as Maru!

The Pintirri Dancers will take you into the sunset with the sounds of our traditional Karajarri songs echoing through the surrounding evening bushlands.

There'll be a camp-style "billy" with boiling water for your tea or coffee to go perfectly with our freshly made damper and locally harvested bush honey!

While Maru have a very strong spiritual purpose and connectivity, the performances we deliver are open to the public activities that we conduct at our famiily gatherings for fun and entertainment. Wakaj is a typical gathering of Johani and Mervyn's family, of which we wish to share with you through this experience...